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carta de triciclo restaurante

A journey of flavors. The usual ones, honoring our origins with traditional cuisine. Los del mundo, a whisper of the gastronomic world that we discover on each trip, an opportunity to walk among different cultures and surprising flavors.

We want you to discover the daring face of our kitchen, we have  elevated great classics to the maximum expression involving new techniques, we have achieved the perfect tandem between tradition and technique.

una aventura en triciclo restaurante

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20€            10€         5€

34€             23€       13€

29€             20€       11€

8€/ unit




29€               19€.    10€


€54 (500mg)        €32 (250gr)

36€                24€





Ask about our pairings...


· Oyster natural, seasoned or grilled.

· Red tuna toast of the best, avocado and corn.

· Prawn, shiso and mango.

· Madrilenian sea bream very rare.

· Nikkei ceviche, wild sea bass, hot pepper, cilantro and lime.

· Picaña slice of Galician blond, pickled mushrooms, dried tomatoes and cured cheese.

· Grilled prawns with vine shoots.

· Free range chicken taco stewed with red shrimp.

· Our steak tartar with egg and roe.

· Tail cannelloni, mushroom sauce and pecorino.

· Grilled old beef loin with peppers.

· Confit suckling pig with aromas and crispy as Manolo de la Osa taught us.

· Selection of artisan cheeses


Classics festival menu

(there is a vegetarian option · 9 dishes + 2 desserts)

*Drinks not included

10% VAT included in our prices

10% VAT included in our prices

Ración          ½            1/3










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